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Takara Tomy

WXDi-P04-016D[EN] - Machina Three DiR - Near Mint

WXDi-P04-016D[EN] - Machina Three DiR - Near Mint

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[Auto]: Whenever SIGNI on your field with a [Soul] attached to it attacks, put the top two cards of your opponent's deck into their trash.
{Action] (B0): Attach a card underneath this LRIG to target SIGNI on your field as a [Soul].
[Action] [Game 1] Exceed 3: Remove a PIECE in your LRIG Deck from the game. If you do, up to two target SIGNI on your opponent's field get -12000 power until end of turn.
  • Rarity:DiR
  • Number:WXDi-P04-016D[EN]
  • Card Type:LRIG
  • LRIG Type/Class:Machina
  • Color:Black
  • Level:3
  • Grow Cost:Black x2
  • Limit:6
  • Team Name:DXM
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