About Us

Midwest Card Dealer started in 2016 with a small collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and a dream.

We are a collective of hobbies. From casual to competitive play, we've got something for everyone!

Our Mission is to provide the same memorable experience we enjoyed from our own Local Game Stores. From exploring new hobbies, to making new social links with the countless friends, families, and rivals along the way. We also strive to deliver the BEST in Class service for Trading Card Games, built upon the following principles:

  • Fast, Friendly Service from the moment you order, to the moment you get your items.

  • Fair, Competitive Prices

  • To stand among the pillars of the Tabletop Industry


Our Vision - We aspire to give that same magical feeling that was granted to us as kids. The rush of discovery, enjoying a new hobby, making new friends, and access to a safe place to be ourselves. Not everyone had access to a local game or comic shop in their youth, to support their hobbies as they grew. We think they should.

Our main goal is to become implemented in real life by means of a Brick and Mortar store in the next 5 years. We intend to achieve this goal by continuing to foster growth in these close-knit communities that bud from similar hobbies. Ensuring to keep product and cards accessible for new and old players alike. Christopher is also pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration to help ensure this dream becomes a reality.

Our other goal is to continue to organize and coordinate events with support of growth at the forefront in the communities we burn passionately for - Taking inspiration from the Local Game Stores and Event Coordinators we've supported ourselves.


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Christopher McKinney - Midwest Card Dealer