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Takara Tomy

PRE-ORDER WiXoss Concord Diva WXDi-P13[EN]

PRE-ORDER WiXoss Concord Diva WXDi-P13[EN]

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Booster Box/Case

DIVA SELECTION's battle gets even heated on the DISSONA stage!

Mayo, Remember, Hirana, Code Piruluk, Midoriko and Nanashi will appear as Center LRIG!

  • The last part of the new "DISSONA SAGA" series!
  • More new LRIGs with the power of DISSONA will appear!
  • A powerful set that contains many cards that have proven themselves in Japanese tournaments!

  • Special Servant Pack, a special box purchase bonus, is included
  • "Tamayorihime, Sunspot Miko" UR ver. printed as a super rare secret card!

Release Date: 06/28/2024

Ship Date: 06/28/2024

1 Booster Pack contains 8 Cards

1 Booster Display Box contains 20 Packs

1 Booster Case contains 12 Booster Display Boxes

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