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Takara Tomy

Innocent One-Piece (LRP) - Welcome Back Diva -selector- (WX-P06)

Innocent One-Piece (LRP) - Welcome Back Diva -selector- (WX-P06)

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Your Center LRIG gains the following ability for the duraction of the game. (This ability remains applicable even after your Center LRIG is grown.)
[Action] [Main Phase] [Attack Phase] Exceed 4 (Put four cards underneath your LRIG into the LRIG Trash) : Target SIGNI on your opponent's field loses its abilities until end of turn.
  • Rarity:LRP
  • Number:WXDi-P06-004P[EN]
  • Card Type:PIECE
  • Color:White
  • Cost:wx1
  • Timing:Main Phase
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