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Weebs of the Shore

Grand Archive Dawn of Ashes Starter Deck

Grand Archive Dawn of Ashes Starter Deck

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The Grand Archive calls forth its champions; the world of Cambria is under threat of ruin! Journey forth in Dawn of Ashes to discover a new world full of legendary allies, mystical spells, ferocious beasts, and hidden secrets.

Starter Deck:

  • Each Starter Deck contains a preconstructed 60-card main deck and 12-card material deck.
  • Starter Decks have a chance at a randomly inserted CSR card
  • There are three decks available: Lorraine, Rai and Silvie.

Silvie Deck UPC: 655471522539.

Rai Deck UPC: 655471848783.

Lorraine Deck UPC: 655471985778.


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